The mandatory certification of products in Ukraine is carried out in the Certification System of Ukraine (System of UkrCEPRO). It applies to goods which are registered in the List of products *, which is subject to mandatory certification in Ukraine. Compulsory certification indicates that the product can not be produced and sold in Ukraine without the presence of its certificate of compliance (UkrCEPRO certificate) to established mandatory requirements of national standard DSTU.

Voluntary certification is made on those goods, which do not require mandatory certification in Ukraine. It is made according to the customer request in any of his chosen system of certification (including UkrCEPRO certificate, or in any certification body, preference is given to the body, accredited by the National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine (NAAU). If you want to demonstrate to its customers, consumers or buyers a high level of your products quality, then there is no way better than the voluntary certification. Voluntary certification will help boost sales and credibility of your company in the market.

The Product Certification Body “TCC " Yugtest "provides:

  • Certificate of Conformity UkrCEPRO (mandatory and voluntary);
  • voluntary certificate in its own certification system (System PІVDENTEST);
  • type examination certificate or certificate of conformity with technical regulations and related standards;
  • "Resignation" letters, solutions and product information, which is not subject to mandatory certification in Ukraine, or that require installation and can be customs clearance prior to its certification.