When certifying the batch we provide:

  • turnaround time - from 1 to 3 working days;
  • discounts for regular customers - up to 25%;
  • savings for the applicant through the use of a weighted optimal approach to objects and certification procedure, namely:
  • combining identical batches on the basis of a general purpose structural and technological similarity declared names, product types and models, HS codes and DKPP;
  • enlargement of the certified batch based on the analysis of the contract and carriage documents (certification "on contract", the union of batches on the total proforma-invoice);
  • the certification of the complete facility after its installation (instead of the certification of its many component parts imported as separate consignment of goods);
  • Research the type of product in order to choose for certification testing of one sample-standard agent;
  • "Offset" the certification protocols previously conducted tests of products if the products have already been certified;
  • document and information on the results of the examination, testing, monitoring and supervision, if they were held by the manufacturer or supervisory and control bodies with regard to the product;
  • service (no need for personal contact, communication and exchange of documents by E-mail, fax, skype, phone, courier).

At certification standard products (product type) we provide:

  • turnaround time - from 10 to 30 days, depending on the certification scheme (for 1, 2, 3, 5 years);
  • reduction in the cost of work due to optimization (simplification, consolidation of certification procedures in all its stages in the preliminary analysis, the examination of documents, examination, certification, production, testing, evaluation of quality systems, the formation of layouts certificates and annexes);
  • the possibility of complex conjugate of the certification of similar works: hygienic examination, permission state supervisory authorities, the declaration of conformity, assessment management system, etc.);
  • the ability to simultaneously produce 2-Ukrainian certificates of conformity: a system of certification of accredited certification body (System PІVDENTEST) and UkrSEPRO (12);
  • opportunity, in justified cases, to simplify the certification procedure ("extramural" estimate of production, "pass" the tests of other categories, in particular, as the factory certification, recognition of certificates of other bodies, including the control system, the minimum number of samples to optimize the range characteristics, testing only one sample-standard agent, etc.);
  • making recommendations to finalize the declared production and / or improve it;
  • discounts and deadlines work.

For our clients we provide:

  • individual approach;
  • a high level of responsibility and quality at all stages of the work;
  • clearance of a complete set of documents;
  • performance of work by highly qualified specialists;
  • acceptable prices;
  • test as soon as possible.