For certification in the GOST R we provide:

  • compulsory certification in the GOST R;
  • mandatory certification to requirements of the technical regulations of the Customs Union and the Russian Federation;
  • voluntary certification in the GOST R and certification in other systems of the Russian Federation.

As a result of certification in the GOST R can be obtained:

  • GOST R Certificate of Conformity (voluntary or mandatory);
  • A test report issued by the certification laboratory which has an appropriate diploma and is accredited to carry out the research of the required products, provided by ROSSTANDART;
  • other evidence of conformity to product safety documents (such as a fire safety certificate, certificate of state registration of the Customs Union, the conclusion of the Territorial Radio Frequency Center, resolution of Rostehnadzora, etc.).

Certification in Russia is regulated by the Federal Law of 27 December 2002 № 184-FZ. "About technical regulation". Certification is one way to control the quality of products entering the consumer market. Certification - the procedure of conformity with the technical facilities regulations, standards or conditions of contracts undertaken by an independent third party. In Russia Certification is both mandatory and voluntary, which is determined according to norms Russian legislation and (or) the member countries of the Customs Union (the Eurasian Economic Community or EAEC).

LLC "TCC" Yugtest "will help you to draw up the documents confirming the quality of products, the following species:


Demonstration of compliance:

Certificate of Conformity GOST R;

The declaration of conformity in the Russian Federation;

GOST R Certificate of Conformity explosion proof equipment;

Refusal letters in the Russian Federation;

Certificate of conformity with technical regulations of the Russian Federation;

Certificate of the Customs Union.


Sanitary and epidemiological requirements:

Certificate of state registration in the Russian Federation;

Expert opinion in the Russian Federation;

Letter of No ozone-depleting substances in the Russian Federation;

Minutes of alcohol content in the Russian Federation;

Certificate of registration in the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.


Fire safety:

Fire Safety Certificate (Technical regulations) in the Russian Federation;

Declaration of fire safety in the Russian Federation;

Voluntary certification of fire safety in the Russian Federation;

Refusal letters / solutions in the Russian Federation.