1.After the implementation of ISO 9001 is expected expansion of the market, due to:

  • Increasing of customer satisfaction;
  • Increasing of the competitiveness of products;
  • demonstration of strong evidence of the reliability of enterprise support and improve the quality of products;
  • capacity to meet the criteria and requirements of investors and access to capital markets;
  • improving the reputation of the company.

2. Implementation of ISO 9001 promotes the growth of profits, due to:

  • reduce losses due to the release of nonconforming product;
  • Prevention of consumer complaints;
  • prevent occurrence of nonconformities products at all stages of its creation;reduce of wastage;
  • cost of raw materials and resources;
  • reducing the cost of mandatory product certification.

3. Development and implementation of quality management system ISO 9001 lead to the optimization of the company and improve the efficiency of production, due to:

  • improve the manageability by administrative and technological process;
  • rationalize the organizational structure of the enterprise;
  • improve of planning activities;
  • quick adaptation to changing production requirements and wishes of consumers;
  • better control over the implementation of the quality objectives and the overall development strategy of the company;
  • decentralization of authority and responsibility of the personnel of the enterprise.

4. The functioning of the QMS to ISO 9001, will improve relations with the state and society, through:

  • guarantees of satisfaction to legal and regulatory requirements;
  • simplify the process of obtaining licenses, certificates and other permits relating to the activities and products of the company;
  • reduce the number of incidents that lead legal responsibility;
  • reducing insurance risks.

5. Optimization and continuous improvement of the company by monitoring and measurement of processes based on the analysis of data that are required for conformity ISO 9001.

Using as a basis recognized international management system standards, you can continuously improve their products and optimize the processes of the organization.