Technical regulations (hereinafter - the technical regulations) of Ukraine shall establish procedures to verify compliance with the specific requirements of products that you produce or import from abroad.

The Technical Regulations - it is the law of Ukraine or the legal act adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. It establishes requirements for facilities maintenance management: products, processes and services. technical regulation is required for use.

The Technical Regulations requires mandatory conformity assessment in the form of registration of the declaration of conformity.

The Technical Regulations and conformity assessment of products, which are covered by these documents are now gradually replacing mandatory certification process.

There are already developed and adopted 45 technical regulations.

According to the Resolution of Ukrainian cabinet of Ministers 21.05.2012, № 436 on 01.01.2013 established a list of products subject to mandatory conformity assessment according to the the requirements of 19-year technical regulations.

Technical Regulations (TR) operating in Ukraine (as of 06.02.2013).

Technical regulations conformity assessment of modules.

Electrical equipment.

TR The Technical Regulations safety of low voltage equipment.

TR of electromagnetic compatibility of equipment.

TR of radio equipment and telecommunications final (terminal) equipment.

TR of labeling of household lamps destination.

TR of energy labeling of electrical household goods.

TR of limit the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.

TR of the maximum allowed power consumption of refrigeration devices.

Gas equipment.

TR Technical regulations of boilers fired with liquid or gaseous fuels.

TR devices operating on gaseous fuels.

Pressure equipment.

TR Technical regulations of Safety simple pressure vessels.

TR safety equipment working under pressure.

TR mobile equipment working under pressure.

Machinery and equipment.

TR Technical regulations of machines and equipment safety.

Consumer Goods.

TR Technical regulations of toy safety

TR of detergents.

TR of personal protective equipment.

TR of textile fibers and textiles marking names.

TR of weights.

TR about the rules of food labeling.

TR of fireworks.


TR Technical regulations of marine equipment.

TR of cable cars to transport passengers.

TR of services carrying passengers and cargo w / w transport.

TR of elevators.

Hazardous environment.

TR Technical Regulations of equipment intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

TR of containers for the storage and disposal of radioactive waste.

TR of sealed sources of ionizing radiation.


TR Technical regulations of safety signs and protecting the health of workers.

TR of building products, buildings and structures.

Since 2014

The Technical Regulations for energy labeling of household washing machines.

TR of energy labeling of household refrigerators, freezers and their combinations.

Since Q3 2014

The Technical Regulations of medical products.

TR of medical devices for in vitro diagnostic laboratory.

TR of active implantable of medical products

After 2014 (the exact date is not specified)

The Technical Regulations of environmental labeling.

TR of labeling used for the manufacture of the main components of footwear for sale coming.

Since 2016

TR of pleasure boats.

TR of type-approval of agricultural and forestry tractors, their trailers and variable trailed machines, systems of components and separate technical units.

TR of type-approval of agricultural and forestry tractors, their trailers and variable trailed machines, systems, components and separate technical units.

TR of parts and characteristics of the rut of agricultural and forestry tractors.

After 2018 (the exact date is not specified)

TR of essential requirements to the measurement instruments.

TR of pleasure boats.

TR of grain composition.

TR of energy labeling of household refrigerators, freezers and their combinations.


All applicable technical regulations are lists of current national standards that, in the case of voluntary use, are proof of product compliance with a particular technical regulation.

LLC "TCC" Yugtest "is authorized to work on the assessment of conformity with technical regulations:

  • Safety of machinery and equipment;
  • safety of low voltage electrical equipment;
  • electromagnetic compatibility of equipment;
  • safety of toys;
  • labeling lamps domestic purposes regarding the effectiveness of energy consumption;
  • maximum allowed power consumption refrigeration appliances;
  • detergents.

LLC "TCC" Yugtest 'and partners can provide services for the assessment and declaration of conformity other applicable technical regulations of other acting technical regulations under which the products can be assessed and declared a specific sum, LLC "TCC" Yugtest "and partners.