Specifications - the regulatory document that specifies requirements that must be met material production (products, materials, substances, etc.), processes and services (hereinafter - products).

Specifications develops manufacturer, if there is no state or industry standard for these products.

Specifications are developed in providing you the following documents and information:

  • requisites of the manufacturer;
  • description of the product;
  • appointment of products;
  • range, stamps, articles, models, types, etc.;
  • Code DKPP of products;
  • a short description of the process of making an article (or a recipe and technological instruction - for food products);
  • list of technical specifications;
  • terms and conditions of acceptance of OTC products company;
  • methods and means of the factory inspection process;
  • packaging requirements (methods of packaging, packaging materials, a list of embeddable documents, etc.);
  • transportation requirements;
  • storage conditions;
  • safety requirements for the production and operation;
  • operating conditions;
  • warranties;
  • a list of organizations with which specifications are necessarily agreed.

Specifications are registered and agreed with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. The time required is from 1 to 2 sheets

In cases of need further harmonize the specifications (Gosgorpromnadzor, Derzhbud, MES, environmentalists and others) need more time.

LLC "TCC" Yugtest "by developing specifications for products, provides the following services:

  • development of the draft specifications text;
  • examination and approval of the specifications draft with stakeholders (customer, department, branch, specialized technical and scientific organizations, specialized state. committees, etc.);
  • Examination of the results of acceptance tests or its holding;
  • analysis of the act of acceptance commission;
  • examination and approval of the draft specifications with state regulatory authorities (within their competence) - sanitary-epidemiological supervision of Ministry of Health, Ministry of Emergency Situations pozharnadzorom, Veterinary Service, State Construction Committee, Gosgorpromnadzora, the Centre of Radio Frequencies and communication, the Ministry of Transport of Ukraine, etc.;
  • finalization of the draft specifications and / or additional tests on the results of the harmonization of specifications;
  • expertise and state registration of the specifications  in the territorial authority Gospotrebstandarta Ukraine;
  • the development, approval, registration and changes to the specifications.

There are requirements of state standards, according to which the specifications are in the process of development, approval, acceptance, state registration:

  • DSTU 1.3:2004 "National standardization. The rules of construction, presentation, registration, approval and adoption of specifications "
  • DSTU 1.5:2003 "National standardization. The rules of construction, presentation, registration and content requirements of regulatory documents (ISO / IEC Directives, part 2, 2001, NEQ) "
  • 1:6 DSTU 2004 «National standardization. Rules for registration regulations "
  • GOST 2.114-95 "ESKD. Specifications "

Technical terms are agreed by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine in accordance with:

  • Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine of 09.10.2000 № 247 "On approval of the Interim order of the state sanitary-hygienic expertise";
  • Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine of 14.03.2006 № 120 "On introduction of changes to the Ukrainian Ministry of Health order of 09.10.2000 № 247";

Technical terms are agreed by Gosgorpromnadzora in accordance with:

  • Law of Ukraine "On Labour Protection" from 14.10.1992 № 2694-XII as amended
  • Regulation: "On the order of consideration, coordination and consideration of draft standards and technical regulations and participation in the work units Gosnadzorohrantruda admissions in testing and delivery of goods for production" approved by Gosnadzorohrantruda order of 13.07.1999 № 131 (repealed).

Technical terms are agreed in the state fire supervision MOE in accordance with:

  • Law of Ukraine "On Fire" from 17.12.1993 № 3747-XII as amended;
  • Instruction "On the procedure for approval from the state fire supervision of state projects and industry standards, rules, regulations, specifications and other regulations relating to fire safety, as well as providing feedback (leads) with respect to them," registered with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine under the number 274/1299, 07.06.1996 (repealed).